Welcome to the project platform for the ESCAPE project!

This platform is used to track and organize the partner contributions to ESCAPE. Here, we organize use cases, contributed data and services and gather success criteria for the project.

If you are a project member, you can sign up to the platform using your ESCAPE credentials.

Where to find what

An overview over all ESFRI and work package projects can be found at the "Projects" page. For each ESFRI and Work package, you can find an according project.

The main functionality of this platform are the issues, in which relevant information on use cases, data sets, software, integration processes etc. is stored. A more user-friendly display of this information can be found in this project overview.

In the project "Using this platform", a number of template issues are available.

How to contribute

All project partners are requested to add their use cases to the platform. In order to add a use case

  • Copy the lUse case template, move it to your ESFRI's project and fill the template
  • for services, software or data sets that you plan to contribute to ESCAPE, create separate issues and link them as "related issue" to the use cases - these issues can be used to track your integration progress with the work packages.
  • for any problems, create a request issue in the project on platform usage.