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Jutta Schnabel
Added about 2 years ago

How do I create and fill an onboarding issue?

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Jutta Schnabel
Added about 2 years ago

Creating an onboarding issue

Onboarding issues should only be created and stored in the WP3 project. You should already have created a software issue template of your software in your own project, which will be linked to the onboarding issue.

Using the onboarding issue

Main purpose of the onboarding issue is to reflect the status of the onboarding procedure of your software.


  • Subject should have your software or project name in it, keeping "Onboarding"
  • Assignee should be the person responsible for onboarding (contact person)
  • Tags should include your ESFRI
  • Target version points to "OSSR primer" if the software should already be integrated in this first version of the OSSR.
  • Documentation can link to the tech report of your onboarding procedure
  • Meeting contribution will point to the indico contribution containing slides and video recording of your onboarding talk The issue should link to an issue describing the software itself as Related issue .

Filling the checklist

For each step taken in the onboarding procedure, you can set the according check mark in the check list. For the individual checklist steps, see Starting onboarding