Which tags do we use?

Jutta Schnabel
Added about 2 years ago

Issue tags allow to filter the issues and should therefore be closely related to the use of the issue. If possible, please limit the tags you set to an issue to the following. If not, please add the tag description of your new tag here.

Answers (1)

Jutta Schnabel
Added about 2 years ago

ESFRI tags

For the ESFRIs, use the short form as common in ESCAPE: CTA, EGO-Virgo, EST, ESO, FAIR, HL-LHC, JIVE, KM3NeT, LSST, SKA

Work package tags

For the work packages, please use the package names: DIOS, OSSR, VO, ESAP, CS

Tags for issues of type "product"

  • software for software or containers that are used/provided in ESCAPE
  • data for data sets that are integrated in ESCAPE

System tags

  • Template for issues which are templates