Using the project platform

Getting started

For ESFRI/WP coordinators

1. Create your project

  • Register to the platform. Make sure that you are granted manager status to be able to edit and create projects (email to X)
  • Create a project (go to "Projects" in top menu bar, press (+) "New project" on the right) with the name of your WP or ESFRI
  • Name your parent project "ESFRI: Your esfri name" or "WPX ..." and give a short description
  • Recommended Modules: Issue tracking, Gantt, Wiki, Questions
  • You can manage your project with the "Settings" submenu in your project.

2. Build your project/issue structure

Issues are used to represent the various products and processes you want to follow, contribute, produce or gather. In order to group those sensibly, you can create a subproject for major parts, which might help to increase structural understanding of your work, but you can also just use your parent project.
Issues can be linked, so you can create relations between processes and objects, and they can contain links to documentation, can (and should) be assigned to users to indicate who serves as contact person for the process/product, and can contain checklists to track process.

The main issues for setting up your project structure are

  • Use Case: Parent issue to describe a full use case. It can/should include goals you (ESFRI) want to achieve with the use case (checklist), and link to the different products (e.g. data, software, services) you want to contribute.
  • Product: Parent issue to describe a product, e.g. a data set, service, workflow etc. which may be associated to a use case and can/should be integrated in ESCAPE. It should be connected to Use Case or Integration issues, and can also contain a checklist to define which integration steps or internal development milestones should be reached.
  • Integration: Is used to link a product to an integration process like data ingestion, software repository integration or similar and track the completion of the integration. The checklist and linkage should probably be defined by the WP leads.

3. Link your issues & document

Documentation example

As user/contributor


Get an overview over the use of the platform parts in Example usage.


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