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09:16 AM ESFRI: KM3NeT Discussion #82 (New): Use of Rucio for KM3NeT multisite data management
In KM3NeT, a data management system will be introduced to manage the full-scale detector data processing across multi... Jutta Schnabel
08:47 AM WP3 OSSR Request #81 (New): Inclusion of OSSR in WP5 "vision"
The WP5 vision asks questions on the relation to the OSSR, OSSR should provide answers:
- [Vision document](https://...
Jutta Schnabel
07:53 AM ESFRI: KM3NeT Product #80 (New): Dataset: One week of KM3NeT ORCA4
## Datset: One week of ORCA4
This is the test data set from the deployment phase of KM3NeT, taken with a 4-line de...
Jutta Schnabel
07:49 AM Using this plattform Product #79 (New): [TEMPLATE] Dataset: Data set name
## Dataset: name
Give a short description of the Data set
## How to fill the template
* **Subject**: Remov...
Jutta Schnabel
07:41 AM ESFRI: KM3NeT Use Case #78 (New): KM3NeT data releases
The scientist can find and read KM3NeT event data through ESAP and perform analyses on public data sets. Jutta Schnabel


01:53 PM Using this plattform Which tags do we use?
## ESFRI tags
For the ESFRIs, use the short form as common in ESCAPE: **CTA, EGO-Virgo, EST, ESO, FAIR, HL-LHC, JIVE...
Jutta Schnabel
01:42 PM Using this plattform Which tags do we use?
Issue tags allow to filter the issues and should therefore be closely related to the use of the issue. If possible, p... Jutta Schnabel
01:39 PM OSSR Onboarding Onboarding issue
## Creating an onboarding issue
Onboarding issues should only be created and stored in the WP3 project. You should...
Jutta Schnabel
01:28 PM OSSR Onboarding Onboarding issue
How do I create and fill an onboarding issue? Jutta Schnabel
01:26 PM OSSR Onboarding Starting Onboarding

## Create issues on the project platform
Create software issue
Create onboarding issue
## Complete the onboa...
Jutta Schnabel

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